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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

This is a review of the exam

272 is MUCH easier than 271, even though I liked 271 better. 272 is all
about the kind of stuff you'd help your high school teacher figure out. In
fact, some of the questions where so common sense that I don't know if I
have the capacity to even describe the concepts they were testing. But here

Test was 85 questions long, ~4h time allotment, and standard Microsoft
testing engine. There were very few 'exhibits.' I finished everything
in under 2 hours. Actually there were no Exhibits, per se. I was never
offered an exhibit button, though there were a three or four interactive
problems (e.g. change the settings in this window to help your user clean up
his taskbar.)

The key difference between 271 and 272 was that 272 did not deal with life
or death issues. That is to say systems never crashed, networks didn't go
down, hardware peripherals never quit working, and data was never lost. The
questions primarily dealt with 'user happiness'/functionality issues relating
to Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Windows XP. If hardware was
mentioned, it was only in relation to a software's functionality.

So, that said, here's goes:

There were...

about 4 questions on remote assistance/remote desktop
about 3 questions on NTFS/Sharing security
about 3 questions on smart card/encryption/VPN/L2TP/PPTP (mostly relating to
about 5 questions on importing address books/messages into Outlook
about 2 questions on when to use ASR/LKGC/Safe Mode/System Restore/Driver
about 2 questions on driver signing*
about 1 questions on security templates*
about 4 questions on permissions
about 7 questions on identify network problems (DHCP, IP, Subnet, DNS,
Gateway, etc settings)
about 5 questions on viruses
about 9 questions on IE, its settings, what causes it not to function
properly, etc.
about 9 questions on Office 2003, its settings, toolbars, configuring its
interface, etc.
about 3 questions on regional options, setting languages, etc.
about 4 questions on USB devices, the 2 types of USB hubs, and what to do
when you have more devices than ports.
about 5 questions on All Users vs Default Users profile.
about 3 questions on Wireless Network setup
about 4 questions on ICS/ICF
about 4 questions that were 'interactive,' but not full-blown exhibits.

*-I need to qualify the above by saying there there was alot of bleed-over
in terms of 272's questions. What I mean by that is, a majority always
started out taking about some issue in IE, Office XP, Outlook, or specific
Windows XP modules (e.g., taskbar, file manager, desktop, ICS/ICF.) Then one
of the answers might be 'do a driver roll back.' But it was obviously wrong.
So when I include '2 questions about ASR/LKGC/Safe Mode/System
Restore/Driver Rollback' I don't mean to imply there were questions
SPECIFICALLY address those issues, just that it was just offered to me as a
solution to a problem.


You should know something about the following:

1. All Users vs. Default Users Profile

"There are two special profile folders: Default User and All Users. The
contents of the Default User profile get copied to a new profile when one is
created; it's the template for a new profile. The All Users profile contains
items that apply to everyone; the actual working profile for a user is a
combination of their personal profile and the All Users profile. If you want
a shortcut or menu item to appear for everyone, add it to the All Users

2. Privacy settings vs. Security Settings in IE.

Privacy settings mostly deal with cookies and protecting your personal
information. Security settings mostly deal with scripts, downloads, and
ActiveX controls which protects your computer from beng infected with a
virus or otherwise damanged by hostile objects on the internet. Know thinks
like what a Medium-High privacy setting accomplishes, etc.

3. Out of the Office Assistant in Outlook

Out of the Office Assistant, when used in conjuction with a Microsoft
Exchange server, will allow you to define auto-reply rules which Microsoft
exchange will execute while you are out of the office, and even while your
computer is off.

4. Comma Delineated Value (CDV) files are imported into Outlook as "text

5. Know what Dr. Watson can and can't do.

"When a program error occurs or your program crashes, Dr. Watson is a
program that generates a log file. At that point, Dr. Watson will be
activated and will save a memory dump file, which is only understood by
computer programmers. You will have to restart the program that you were
working in. As a precaution, always remember to save your files frequently
to avoid losing valuable work."

6. Know that the Internet Connection Firewall log is "PFIREWALL.LOG"

7. Know that the easiest way to tell a compressed file from an uncompresses
file is to enable in Windows Explorer "Show encrypter or compressed NTFS
files in color."

8. Know what SSIDs and WEP keys are as they relate to wireless networking

SSIDs are usually broadcasted by the access point and can usually be
automatically configured by Windows XP.

WEP keys are used to encrypt data sent wirelessly and must ALWAYS be entered
manually into your network configurations. Unlike SSIDs, they can never be
configured/determined by your system.

9. Dragging an icon from the desktop onto the START button places that item
on the START menu.

10. Know how to and why one would "LOCK" the Taskbar/taskbars in IE.

11. Know how to make the Links/Address/Standard Buttons toolbars (dis)appear
in IE

12. Know how to add custom words to Word's dictionary.

13. Know when dual booting 98(FAT32)/XP(NTFS), that apps that run on both
platforms need their data on the FAT32 drive because 98 can't read NTFS.

14. Know where to go for critical updates to Windows and Office. (i.e.
windowsupdate.com / officeupdate.com)

15. Know how to map a network drive.

16. The PPTP vs. L2TP, and what IPSec has to do with it all. LINK

Short version: L2TP uses IPSec and is higher security than PPTP. PPTP is
easier to setup, security-wise.

17. Know what to do if your taskbar somehow appears on the right side of the
screen (duh!)

18. Know how what to do if you want to remote desktop between two computers
running ICF.

It was really really easy. Easier than 271. If I think of any other advice,
i'll post it.

GOODLUCK, everyone.

Monday, November 17, 2003

I hope that some of you where able to take the first part of the beta exam.

For those of you that did. I have the second promotional code for the second half.

If you didn't take it, you still can if you want to.

Here is a certification test code. The test runs through Thursday of this
Promotion code: STAWOS
071-272: Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Applications on a Microsoft
Windows Desktop Operating System Platform

You can register at http://www.vue.comor

This is a beta test so you won't receive your results right away, but it is
for the new certification that Microsoft is working on for Desktop Support

As you can see this is the 071-272 test the first one was the 071-271 test. This test promotion expires the 20 of November.

You will probable have to call the testing site to schedule. That's what I had to do and I already have taken the first part.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

If you need to contact me you can email me at asaguid@thcg.org

Or call me on my cell (317) 340-0267
Vue Site is the place to go. You have to go and register, and I hear IVY Tech in Indy has some slots but you have to call and so you have a promotional code. code for 71-271: SUTMWD

Another place i heard was Tech Skills i hear you have to call them.

TechSkills LLC


8500 Keystone Crossing
Suite 150
Indianapolis, Indiana 46240

This is a promotional test. it is a beta version test, if you past this you will have the change to finish the last test but you will have to pay for that one.
The boys from Redmond are at it again. There are two new Beta tests out: 071-271 Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows XP OS and 071-272 Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Desktop Applications on Microsoft Windows XP OS. They are listed on both the Prometric and Vue sites.

Member ntek very kindly shared the code for 71-271: SUTMWD

But you better hurry as the test dates are 11/10 - 11/13 only

http://www.prometric.com/default.htm is one place to sign up

Here is a great link that will tell you more about the exam. MCSE World

There were...

about 8 questions on remote assistance
about 6 questions on NTFS/Sharing security
about 3 questions on smart card/encryption/VPN/L2TP/PPTP
about 4 questions on identifing bottlenecks from the "Performance page" in
Task Manager
about 7 questions on when to use ASR/LKGC/Safe Mode/System Restore/Driver
about 5 questions on Driver signing
about 3 questions on security templates
about 3 questions on permissions
about 7 questions on identify network problems (DHCP, IP, Subnet, DNS,
Gateway, etc settings)
about 2 questions on "heres what the PING command produced, tell us what's
about 11 questions with Exhibits (~8 were interactive)

You should know something about the following:

1) StickyKeys and other accessibility options
3) "Commit Charge (K)" / "Kernel Memory (K)" / "Physical Memory (K)" / ETC.
4) Remote Desktop vs. Remote Assitance (Messenger/Email/Invite-save-to-File)
5) When to Repair a LAN Connection vs When to Replace a Network Card
6) Top/Bottom vs. Left/Right Dual Monitors
7) Permissions for Formatting Removable Media
8) Hardware profiles for Laptops
9) Trusted Sites vs. Security Settings (in IE)
10)...and more.

Here is some info about the new certification:


Two Articles about the Certification and the test online


http://www.microsoft.com/traincert/exams/70-271.asp has a chart on more info
on the test

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Here are some sites that I would like to share to let people know there are other places to shop than Best Buy or HHGregg. There are many other places on the Internet that will help people save money.

Here are 2 sites there are great for computer equipment.

1. TigerDirect

2. Global Computers

Here you can subscribe to a free newsletter that is emailed to you that shows the sales that are going on. They also have a free magazine that has the latest technology that you are able to buy.

After viewing other peoples blogs, I have to decide to post updates on pricing for different schools and computer equipment.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

My name is Alfred Saguid
This is my first attempt of a blogger.

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